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“Covid Swag”

I am naming a new phenomenon to the increased confidence in battling “The Covid”. I am calling it “Covid Swag”. The “Covid Swag” is when you have already completed the full medical protocol of vaccines, already had Covid, and are moving forward knowing you beat a tough medical challenge or are simply just tired of living life as if the end of the world is coming and disagree that the only way to prevent it is to listen to our elected officials. You have a newfound swag! Still concerned as to a horrible disease yet feeling better that once again Henny Penny was wrong and the world was not coming to an end.

For those who have been clients of the High Net Worth Advisory Group for many years, you are accustomed to our letters of hope. Our core belief is in the strength and resiliency of people. You may knock us back a step or two but you will not keep us down. Covid has and will continue to be a great challenge for the world economy and precious lives will be lost. Yet in this time of struggle what amazes but doesn’t surprise us is the ingenuity of our scientists, medical personnel, entrepreneurs, and families. We have emerged stronger, more efficient, creative, and most importantly more compassionate. We are now more respectful of not only our health but of others. We do not wear a mask to protect ourselves, we wear a mask to protect others!

There is a global unification in ending this horrible disease and allowing the world to return to normal (if you can call pre covid global issues normal). The increase of worldwide liquidity has helped the economy muddle through what could have been a catastrophic economic collapse. Global politicians see value in increased spending or accommodating those most in need with financial subsidies. The economic focus will now be on how to continue the increased liquidity and overreach in spending without causing long-term damage to the worldwide economy. Higher inflation, higher taxes, higher interest rates, and greater capital market volatility are all on the horizon. The Henny Penny’s will soon cry out that the economic world is coming to an end, the Henny Penny’s in healthcare will be saying that the vaccines won’t work well enough, the Henny Penny’s of political leadership will say we need to spend more money on pet projects and favored constituents and the Henny Penny’s of finance will create increased and unnecessary fear to get investors to do something that generates large commissions or fees. We at the High Net Worth Advisory Group will continue to separate the news from the noise and do our best to steward you through these challenging times. We never forget who we serve and that is you! May the difficulty of the times bring us all a little closer together knowing that each of us has a story to tell and many if not all are still writing it. I for one am eager to hear yours!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call and we will be here to answer.


The High Net Worth Advisory Group LLC

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