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If our journey lies ahead, why do they install rearview mirrors in cars? The answer is; risk can come from behind as well as in front and the cautious driver arrives at their destination safely knowing that being aware of the risks of the road can come from either direction.

The same goes for the stock market. As the “cautious driver” managing your portfolios we take into account the risks of previous and future political policies, company decisions, and economic data as well as projections and modeling for the positions and asset allocations we recommend. Businesses need to adapt given any economic or political environment. Those that do will continue to do well and those that don’t will longer exist. Technology will completely change the way we live in the future with the creation of artificial intelligence, the explosion of the internet of things, DNA and gene code mapping, and one-day civilian space travel. What an exciting time to be looking ahead! Yet what a scary time looking behind us and knowing what risks lie in the rearview that could make the journey a more challenging one than expected. The goal remains the same. We want to safely and securely arrive at our final destination with the least amount of disruption. Risk is ever-present in the capital markets. Managing your emotions is the hard part. We are here to help alleviate those fears through education of realistic economic principles. The goal is to take as little risk as possible to achieve your expected goals yet still have you sleep at night.

Life is an incredibly amazing journey. Filled with triumph and tragedy. We can learn from both. Yet we at the High Net Worth Advisory Group want you to focus on enjoying each and every day of the ride and leave the “driving” to us. We are looking ahead with our eyes on the road and your destination as our goal but ever mindful to look in the rear-view mirror aware that what we already passed, we just may see again.

We wish you all a safe and healthy start to 2021.


The High Net Worth Advisory Group LLC

The High Net Worth Advisory Group, LLC is registered as an investment adviser and only conducts business in states where it is properly registered or is excluded from registration requirements. Registration is not an endorsement of the firm by securities regulators and does not mean the adviser has achieved a specific level of skill or ability. This is not a legal or financial recommendation and should be used for informational purposes only.