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Throughout our day, the members of The High Net Worth Advisory Group listen to stories from all of you about your families, your work, your highs, and your lows. We learn what makes each and every one of you so special to the people whose lives you touch, including ours. In a world driven by a general lack of person-to-person communication, we feel truly blessed to be able to hear your stories and share some of our own. It is with this in mind that I share one of mine.

My Dad was the best man in my wedding and my best friend. He suffered heart disease in his early 40’s and ultimately died at a young age of 69 in 2006. I still think of him to this day. My Mom asked me to do his eulogy, which was an honor and a challenge at the same time. I wanted everyone who attended his service to know how important he was to our family, while also delivering a message of hope and love that would have made him proud. In my head I titled the eulogy “My Dad Mattered”.

That is what we think of all of you when we hear your stories. You are taking care of sick partners, helping with children or grandchildren, battling personal health issues, growing great businesses or careers, volunteering for those in need and so many other inspiring personal stories. We know the importance you are playing for those you serve. We feel the pain or share in the joy you are going through on this journey. Let us be the first to tell you in case you don’t or can’t hear it enough. You matter! The difference we make in people’s lives is not often recognized while we are going through our own daily lives. Complimentary words are most often spoken of at a memorial service once we are gone and out of earshot. Don’t wait for a eulogy to tell someone how you feel about them.

As those who have read my quarterly client letter know, I write what comes into my head about life rather than a typical investment letter about the markets. I try and refocus the small world we touch with letters of hope and encouragement rather than doom and despair. We are happy to discuss what is or may go on in the capital markets, yet find that no matter how hard we try, the markets are going to do what they want, when they want, and out of our control.

What we can control is how we help all of you as you go about your life’s journey. We will continue to do our best to steward your financial future as you handle the day-to-day requirements of living a life. Your life. I ask of each of you to do a simple task each day as I do myself. I look in the mirror each morning and say, “I’m awesome and I love you”. Now I’m going to add a third part to that personal discussion and say, “I matter”. My Dad would be proud!

On the financial side, look for interest rate scares to keep the markets bouncing around through early next year, then as there are clearer signs the Federal Reserve may cut rates, watch money move out of money markets and into longer term fixed income and riskier assets. Nobody has a crystal ball as to where or when the markets will move but history shows us having a long-term plan as to risk levels, goals and objectives lays a good road map for success. Our job is to educate and empower you along the way as to the risks and rewards of the financial markets. Your job is to do what you all do so well for so many, matter!