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I had an epiphany this morning and decided to write the HNWAG quarterly letter about it. Everyone knows the phrase “Life is a journey”. Yet if you break it down to a simpler thought, life is really a continuous series of day trips that combined culminates into a journey. Each day we must wake up and decide how we will handle what the world throws at us. Lately there have been a lot of curve balls coming our way, making this job more difficult. Learning to hit the fastball is easy, learning to hit the curve ball takes more skill. We will never be in charge of what the world throws at us, but we will always be in charge of how we react to it! This is my epiphany. Not to worry so much about the journey, but to focus on enjoying each and every day as the gift that it is.

Breaking complex problems into smaller pieces will give you the clarity and a sense of control to address the issue at hand. We at HNWAG often say “separate the noise from the news” when making difficult investment decisions. When listening to the “noise” you are missing out on what is really news! As we are currently being bombarded from the TV and social media as to what we should think and who we should be, I remind you, there is only one you and you were born perfect with the gift to be whoever and do whatever you want to do. Your life, your call. Each of us unique and yet all amazing. All with a voice and an opinion. Unlimited potential and the ability to do incredible acts. The ability to love deeply and accept that love from others. You are sitting in the driver seat of each and every “day trip” you take on your life’s journey. May the road ahead be everything you want it to be.

As far as the capital markets are concerned, we at HNWAG continue to look for higher interest rates, inflation hanging around longer than anyone expects, volatile equity markets through the election, continued supply chain issues and the usual nonsense coming out of Washington from both sides of the aisle. Due to an election year, expect the vitriol to get worse from our elected officials as they posture as to who has ruined or could save the economy and just maybe the world while they are at it. Lots of “noise” but not much news. Ignore most of it if not all. It is in one party’s best interest to see total economic collapse (at least until there is a regime change) and in the others to see nothing but strong economic numbers, lower prices and job creation. Voters will likely stick by the famous campaign line from James Carville in 1992 “it is the economy stupid”.

With that said we want you all to know, we take each of our days one by one knowing that we are chauffeuring around your capital invested with us on its journey and take that role seriously. Each of you want to go in many different directions and to multiple locations but the commonality of your goal is all the same. Get me to my destination safely and with the least amount of turbulence, potholes, detours and breaks so that I can enjoy my final destination and add to the memories of my life’s journey.

As we strive for excellence at all levels of our firm, if you believe there is something that we could be doing better on your behalf, please let us know. We only exist because of the trust you have placed in us and will never forget our duty to always place you first and treat you like the family you are.

Here’s to a healthy & happy 2022,

The High Net Worth Advisory Group LLC

The High Net Worth Advisory Group, LLC is registered as an investment adviser and only conducts business in states where it is properly registered or is excluded from registration requirements. Registration is not an endorsement of the firm by securities regulators and does not mean the adviser has achieved a specific level of skill or ability. This is not a legal or financial recommendation and should be used for informational purposes only.