An uncommon level of commitmentto your completefinancial life

Our process creates a pathway to your complete financial plan

There are many elements that must be addressed in order to create your personalized financial plan. Our process gives us an orderly way to identify them, create relevant strategies for how each will fit within your plan, and provides a way to move forward as we monitor your progress and make adjustments for changes in your life. For all the elements in your plan, however, there is one that is most important to us – you.

Establish and define our relationship
In keeping with our no-nonsense approach, we’ll begin or relationship with an open, transparent dialog between us. We will thoroughly explain our services, our fee structure, and discuss our mutual responsibilities as advisor and client as we move forward in our relationship together.

Gather your data and determine your goals
Not only do we need to get to know you, we want to get to know you. This is how we’ve been able to establish the many multi-generational relationships we enjoy with our clients. We’ll work to gain a complete understanding of your unique financial situation, personal and financial goals and attitude toward risk. We will also gather all necessary documents at this important stage.

Analyze and evaluate your financial status
We will take all the information and documentation we gathered and analyze it so we can assess your current situation and determine what course of action is necessary to help you best pursue your goals. This can include analyzing your current assets, liabilities and cash flow, not to mention your current insurance coverage, tax strategies or estate plan.


Retirement not only requires a solid plan, but also a solid foundation. As this pyramid suggests, we believe this foundation begins by establishing “survival money.” This is the money you’ll need to live on, taking into account food, clothing, utilities, insurance, mortgages, car payments and any other financial commitments you are required to keep in order to live day to day. Then we establish “safety money.” This is a cushion that looks ahead to any situations that may require a need for cash over and above your monthly expenses. The next three, “freedom money,” “gift money,” and “dream money” are based on the amount of money that is available after we’ve created the first two levels. This money is left to your discretion for how it will be allocated and spent.

Develop and present your recommended financial plan
This is the point in the process everyone looks forward to – the presentation of our recommendations that address your goals. We’ll carefully review our recommendations with you so that you’ll be able to make informed decisions regarding your assets. We will also listen to any concerns you may have and revises our recommendations as appropriate.

During our discussion, we will also address the creation of an investment policy. The information contained in this all-important policy will provide the basis for developing an important risk management strategy for your assets. Through its creation, we will formally establish your tolerance level for risk, return objectives and investment constraints. Quite literally, your investment policy will guide us in the management of your wealth.

Implement your personalized financial plan
With all the details addressed, we’ll reach an agreement on how your plan will be implemented. This will include coordinating the process with you and other professionals such as your accountant, attorneys and insurance agents.

Monitor and adjust to fit your ever changing life
We’ll keep you notified of your plan’s progress with ongoing reviews to help ensure your comprehensive plan remains in sync with your life. This is a fluid process – changes can be made to remain in alignment with your objectives or as financial markets may dictate.

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