An uncommon level of commitmentto your completefinancial life

Our philosophy guides our actions and steadies the course

Adhering to a philosophy enables us to provide you with guidance and service based on planned action rather than knee-jerk reactions to fluctuations or volatility in the market. It keeps us focused on you, your plan and on long-term objectives.

You’ll find yourself at the center
We are not investment centric, we are decidedly client centric with an asset management strategy that revolves around you and your needs. As a result, we aim to strike a balance in the management of your assets based on risk-adjusted growth, capital preservation and the transfer of wealth to future generations.


RISK ADJUSTED GROWTH This is a measurement of how much risk is involved to achieve growth. The measurement is usually expressed as a number or rating. This rating is applied to individual securities and investment funds and portfolios. When comparing two or more potential investments, we compare the same risk measures to each different investment in order to get see how the investments perform relative to each other.

CAPITAL PRESERVATION Preserving your valuable assets is of utmost concern. However, growth is also of great importance. We will use a variety of investments in your portfolio to provide you with a balance of risk and return that you are comfortable with. This will also take into account your long- and short-term investment goals and an overall cash management strategy.

DISTRIBUTION How will you spend your money? What are your tax liabilities? Do you plan to pass it along to future generations? These are important questions for which we’ll help you find the answers. Then we’ll work with you to devise strategies to address them based on your needs today, and the goals you have for your wealth tomorrow. We will also work with your CPA, tax attorney and estate attorney to help ensure a cohesive plan that aligns with all areas of your life.

We’ll help you stay focused on what’s important
Our philosophy also drives our commitment to doing what’s best for you. As your financial advisors, we believe it is our job to educate you and adjust risk and not let the volatility of the financial markets and the emotions that come with increased volatility drive the decision-making process.

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