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“The Prayer” is the name of a song written by Carole Bayer Sager, David Foster, Alberto Testa and Tony Renis. Originally composed for the incomparable duo of Celine Dion and Andre Bocelli as a soundtrack for the 1998 movie the “Quest for Camelot”.

The first verse of the song reads as follows:

“I pray you’ll be our eyes,

And watch us where we go

And help us to be wise,

In times when we don’t know

Let this be our prayer,

When we lose our way

Lead us to a place,

Guide us with your grace

To a place where we’ll be safe”

I am writing this holiday letter after spending Thanksgiving dinner with my extended family. As I looked around the tables of 28 people, Great Grandmothers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Moms, Dads, adult children, teenage children, small children, and babies, I realized that like the verse in the song, we all wish for wisdom, grace, and a place where we’ll be safe.

The last two years have been difficult for many. An insidious disease that won’t go away, loss of loved ones, loss of property and irreplaceable belongings due to Hurricane Ian and for some the loss of hope that we will never truly be safe again. My answer to all the fears and angst in the world is quite simple. See the world through the eyes of a child, in my case a grandchild. Watch at how they wonder and laugh at the simplest of things, look how soundly they sleep in your arms and most importantly, look into their eyes and feel the true joy they get just from seeing someone they recognize as important to them. A child is proof that the world must go on. A child is our hope for a better future. A world where we learn to love and laugh at the simplest of things.

The High Net Worth Advisory Group was founded with the belief that there is hope for the future. Our sole focus is to serve the families who have entrusted us to manage their financial affairs as if they were our own. We will continue to strive to be everything you need us to be. Our firm’s goal for 2023 is to lead and guide with grace and the understanding that our journey together is born from the common goal to arrive at your destination as safely as we can.

As in years past we have decided to donate to several charities in your honor as our holiday gift to all of you. We feel truly blessed by your friendship and faith.

May your holiday season be filled with family, friends, laughter, and love.