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The fashion icon Lilly Pulitzer has a quote that I try to remember once a year. Lilly is quoted as saying, “Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring”.

I thought about the true meaning of Ms. Pulitzer’s quote. Regardless of what people are telling you or how they are trying to make you feel, live your life filled with the joy of rebirth and optimism more than just one time a year. Live your life filled with hope and an understanding that although cloudy, cold and rainy today outside your home, inside your heart it is and always should be spring.

With the news of the day on our large and small screens it is hard to imagine feeling much like spring. There is a brutal and totally unnecessary war going on, rampant inflation, Covid still a health threat, political shenanigans on both sides of the aisle, volatile capital markets and a general feeling that our freedom of speech (if approved by those in control) should be considered a favor instead of a Constitutional right. How do I find optimism and a rebirth while all of this is going on? The answer is simple, yet often overlooked. Each day find a little joy in the simple things. The complex issues of life I cannot control but the joy in focusing on the simpler things I can. Tell a family member or friend how much you appreciate them and love having them in your life. Write a positive comment or thank you note to someone who went out of their way to assist you. Find somewhere with no electronics that is quiet and enjoy the quiet. Go to a playground and listen to children laugh. Volunteer at an animal shelter and see what the definition of unequivocal love from a dog really means. Visit an elderly person who spends a large part of their day alone. Turn off the noise of the day and control the narrative, your narrative. Don’t let anyone to tell you how to feel, how to love, how to hurt, how to think or when and what to say. Own your spring and live it every day.

We at the High Net Worth Advisory Group try our best to keep our eye on the big picture while you keep your eye on the smaller one. That is what makes us such a great team. We worry about you while you worry about someone else. You can set all the goals and objectives you want in life, but I have found that success should be measured by the journey and not the destination. We will do our best to assist along the way as you travel through life; we always want you to know it is ok with us if you want to pull off at an exit to see the sights. It is the spring in your heart that we want to watch grow.

We are looking for continued volatility in the capital markets as politicians fight for whatever they believe is good for us, brutal dictators flex their muscles with no regard for humanity and speculation runs rampant because that is what many feel is the key to success. They must not have read Lilly Pulitzer’s quote and with that you are now all smarter than them. Small joy!

In good markets and bad we are here for you and as is our promise 24/7 availability just in case the noise of the day or “fertilizer” is stinking up your garden. Enjoy spring, may your heart be full of the small joys that make this journey we call life so incredible.

The High Net Worth Advisory Group LLC

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